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Tips on How to Choose the Right Career Counselor

Even after knowing that you need to seek help for a career counselor and decide whether you want an online career counselor or offline, the process is not finished there. You still have to choose which one suits you the best.

Sort all the pros and cons of both fields, and after choosing whether online or offline, your next move is to decide which career counselor is the best one for you. How? Well, here are some tips to help you sort all the candidates and find the best one.

How to Choose the Right Career Counselor

As mentioned above, here are some tips you could consider before choosing the right one:

Check their accreditation and affiliations

Not every career counselor has the required master’s degree and counseling certifications. So, to find the one whose knowledge and practice align with your goals, you must search for a counselor with either a reputable national or international certification, like The National Career Development Association, The National Board of Certified Counselors, The International Coaching Federation, or The Association of Career Professionals International.

Determine the type of counseling that suits you by searching the industry expertise

There are many types of counseling spread in this world, they may offer packages or one session at a time. You might want to choose individual sessions; in case you want to test out the career counselor or if you are not sure how many sessions it will be to achieve your goal.

Search Career Counselors that Have a Chemistry with you

Although skills, certifications, and counseling programs are important, you have to consider the one who has the best personality that aligns with yours. You may want a direct and concise approach, or those who go through a few sessions to deeply assess your personality. The most important aspect is they should be realistic, have a positive attitude, be knowledgeable, and of course, can give you actionable advice.

Choose a Career Counselor Who Is Expertise in Your Field of Interest

You have to do some research to find a career counselor that has expertise in your field of interest. You want to get advice from an experienced counselor, don’t you? Especially those who already have experience handling people with similar goals.

Ask For a No-obligation Intake Session

After doing research online, you might find counselors that have work-related social media accounts, professional websites, or have good online ratings from previous clients. But that’s not all, you have to ask for a no-obligation intake session to decide whether he or she is the right one that suits all you need and expectations.

Now that you have the information above, hopefully, you will end up with the right career counselor that suits you the most. Whichever you choose, offline or online career counselor.

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