french process zinc oxide

The Reasons Why French Process Zinc Oxide Are Popular

Some companies use the French process zinc oxide method. It is considered one of the oldest methods to turn zinc into zinc oxide. Yet, people still apply it today. 

The companies use this method to get specific characteristics of zinc oxide. Check the explanation about the French method to process zinc into zinc oxide below. 

The Way to Process Zinc with the French Method 

In this process, the companies must melt the zinc metal first. They often use 1200 degrees Celcius to do it. Another function of melting the zinc metal is to vaporize it into zinc vapor. 

This process also involves air or oxygen. The reaction between zinc vapor and oxygen is zinc oxide. The last thing to do in this French process zinc oxide method is collect the zinc oxide particles. 

The Reasons Why Manufacturers Apply French Method to Process Zinc 

One of the reasons why manufacturers apply French process zinc oxide is to produce the purest zinc oxide. The purer the zinc oxide the better the chemical reactivity. Indeed, the cost of the zinc oxide made from this method is more costly due to its quality. 

At the same time, some industries also look for this product. High-quality zinc oxide is often used to produce cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and ceramics. Check the label on the sunscreen or nail polish products to know whether it contains zinc oxide or not. 

The Products With French Process Zinc Oxide

Zinc oxide is one of the most critical materials in rubber products. That’s why zinc companies keep producing zinc oxide, especially with the French method. The zinc oxide helps to produce high-quality rubber. 

The rubber manufacturers send it to other companies to create belts, shoe soles, tires, and many more. This product increases the durability of the rubber. For instance, tires with zinc oxide are more durable and last longer even after using it on all types of road surfaces. 

Skincare manufacturers also rely on high-quality zinc oxide. The addition of zinc oxide in the skincare ingredients is powerful enough to fight against skin issues, including irritation, acne, infection, and many more. This is because zinc oxide contains antibacterial properties that help to kill the bacteria.   

So, you can consider buying French process zinc oxide in case you want to be a supplier or for personal usage. Most buyers are looking for this product and it gives more profits to you. You can also create a high-quality product by only mixing the ingredients with this zinc oxide version.

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